Valerie and John bought a house during the pandemic. One of her biggest dreams was having a house before she turned 30 (which she did!!) and ever since they got the house they have been working day and night to fix it and make it their dream home. They changed EVERYTHING in the house, from the walls to the kitchen to the backyard. It is a true inspiration to see a couple work so hard and so much on their home! It shocked me how fast they did everything. John decided to propose to Valerie, and since covid was on the way for the wedding planning, they decided to have a small celebration first, and then, later on, plan for their dream wedding. They decided to do it on their brand new backyard, which they still had NOT finished when they planned this. So not only were they planning their wedding but also remodeling their entire backyard, from the floor to the fence, to the paint. See what I mean? THEY DON'T STOP LOL.

& so the day begins


From nights of planning and the help of her best friend, Valerie was able to pull off her dream backyard wedding! From the florals on their sweetheart table to string lights, the candles, everything was her idea! so creative huh?! It was truly a dream to be part of this day!