From an artist to an artist,

I had the pleasure of working with July earlier in the year for her son's Christmas photos. I knew right there and then that she LOVED to do makeup, the more I followed her and watched her Instagram videos (@july.escobarr) the more I realized how freaking talented she was. What an incredible way to put colors and different shades on your eyes! I don't know too much about makeup, just enough to get me out of the house without looking like a total zombie. I barely understand if primer goes before or after foundation but.... she DOES make it so much easier to understand and also have fun while you're watching! she's hilarious and a loving person!

We wanted to make this 100% HER. the photos were going to her brand new website launch and we were both so excited about it! We figured brushes, makeup and color was everything we needed to make the session of her dreams, and so we did! :)

“Beauty is power, and makeup is something that really enhances that; it’s a woman’s secret”

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