The Engine Room - Georgia

Styled Shoooooting your way to a portfolio!

Seriously, nothing better than a beautiful styled shoot to up game your portfolio! it's a way to show your clients what you truly love to shoot and the style you most dream of. Not only that but it is an amazing way to connect with other vendors in your area or in other states. This one was very special to me because it happened to be where I grew up as a teenager, Atlanta,GA. I had a such a good time creating with awesome photographers and eating delicious cookies! The couples were both engaged and it showed from miles away!

Both men had never done anything like this before and it was the sweetest thing to watch. How amazing is it when you trust your loved one so much and you want to see them happy no matter what that you'd do anything for them! They were stunning models by the way!!! which made everything even better.

A lovely day with lovely people!

The Couple

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Solo Bride

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