I want to elope!!

That's why you're here right? maybe you are overwhelmed, and super confused about where to begin searching for location ideas especially if you're not from the destination in which you want to elope. And that is completely fine! that is why professionals like myself do the research for you to make it super simple and beautiful!

The most important part to keep in mind about this is that you need to be sure of what style you are looking for, what vibes do you want on your elopement day. Do you want a beach Elopement? Do you want to just be near the water but not literally on the sand? perhaps be around mountains but no hiking involved? we have to keep all of this in mind since it will help in the planning process! (Which I help you with).

Also, keep in mind, the locations I mentioned under this post are all for either only you and your fiance or for close family and friends up to 12-15 people! but that will include a little extra planning. Whatever it is, I am here for you!

Have fun exploring some options! :)

Florida Elopements

For the palm trees + beach lovers

Georgia Elopements

for the hiking adventurers + beautiful mountain view lovers



Options To Consider

Picnic Set Up

3 hours (more added upon request) up to 50 people
Rugs, tables, cushions, tablescape, flowers & decor.
Triangle arch + side candles for ceremony (upon request)

starting at $279

Offshore Sailing Experience

Full Day Charter (10 hours)
Half Day Charter (5 hour)
Sunset Cruise (3 hours)
Departure from Coconut Grove – Including licensed and insured captain, a bottle of bubbly and light fare. For more info:

Starting at $400

Wild Roots Plant Store

Grand Central District of St. Pete, FL
Cool right?
If you love plants + the artsy look this might be right for you!
for more info:

(Photo by McNeile Photography)

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A Walk On The Beach

Let's say you decided to get married at the courthouse and all you want to do is hang out with your husband/wife for the day and enjoy each other's company.
Why not get photos done somewhere you both love?
Eat at your favorite restaurant?
Go to your favorite brewery in town?
Rent a Jetski and wear your wedding outfits!

so so so many ideas .. but make sure it's true to both of you and that you will enjoy the day to the fullest!

For Timeline Examples

Florida has so much to offer!

So many beaches and areas to choose from - it is almost impossible to say one is better than the other because they are all truly special in their own way. Choosing from Central, North or South might be the first step. Now for beaches I recommend eloping on a weekday, so you can have more privacy for your day (this is depending on location). if you need help deciding which beach might be right for you contact me! :)


So you love that southern feel...

The mountains are seriously gorgeous in this area! and I know it isn't Yosemite, but it's just as gorgeous! the colors in the mountains are filled with all shades of blue, all shades of green. And let's not even talk about the fall in these areas. INSANE. If you love the fall as much as I do, I recommend these areas 10000%

You won't regret it, I promise.

Options To Consider

Waterfall Dreams

This is for the outdoor lovers
With or without family and friends this is a gorgeous location for your Elopement with the waterfall flowing as you say your vows, I can't imagine anything sweeter.

(Photo from Green Wedding Shoes)

Toccoa Falls


If you want to feel as if you were living a true fairytale this is the location for your elopement. Not only is it free to get married there but it is a DREAM. Surrounded by Live Oak trees and stunning architecture.

Forsyth Park

City Love

Frederick Law Olmsted built Central Park in NYC as well as this one with the same ideas in mind. So you can imagine how gorgeous it is!!

The most breathtaking park I have witnessed during Autumn. No permit needed to elope here! (also has a lake view)

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This is also another cool way to spend your elopement!
Book a unique stay in a gorgeous AIRBNB and explore the area, relax and enjoy your wedding day!

From tents to treehouses to other super cool stays, you can have an experience from the moment you wake up to the time you go to bed!

Learn More about this airbnb

Blue Ridge Mountains

There are many trails and areas we can choose from in the Blue Ridge Mountains. It is stunning all around. It goes through Georgia, NC, SC, Tennessee, and more!

So we have plenty of options. For the lovers that want to incorporate hiking on their day!

Providence Canyon

Are you surprised that you don't have to fly to Nevada + Arizona to get these vibes? This park has been hidden for a while, but now becoming very well known, it's gorgeous for ceremonies and exploring!

  • About 2.5 hours from Atlanta,GA

Chattahoochee National Forest

867,000 Acres across 26 counties, I'm sure we could find an area you and your fiance would MOST DEFF like! lol.

Awesome trails, rivers, streams, campgrounds, and beautiful scenery, This location can easily turn into a two-day elopement, making the best of your days as there is so much to explore!


Do you need a permit for every location?

We will need to do research on this, it all depends on where you'd like to elope. But I will help you through it!

can i bring my family along?

OF COURSE!!! some locations don't require a permit when it is two people but when there's more they might if you need chairs and such. but then again, some locations don't! also, if you are planning to come with family we will make sure the location is not difficult to get to, no hiking involved,not dangerous for children etc.

how do i pick from so many locations?

it is all about your budget + what feels right for both of you.
Do not think about how your family would feel, do not worry about what they might say. it is your day and your day only!

you should both come up with a plan that sounds right for you and the season & location that represents you both the most.

you wouldn't elope at the beach if you don't like the sand. You won't do it on a mountain top if your fiance is afraid of heights. It will come to you in the most honest and simplest way

Just trust the process!