The Little White Chapel

With five beautifully decorated indoor chapels, this location is perfect for anyone wanting to elope in Vegas for a fun experience! It truly gives you that elopement Vegas feeling. You could even get Elvis to do your ceremony! They are affordable and very helpful with your ceremony ideas. They also have the options for bouquets to boutonnieres if needed.

As Your Elopement Photographer

This location is so much fun and with so many areas we can photograph your elopement! I would recommend getting there maybe 25 minutes before because there is limited parking in the back, and if it's a busy day (a weekend) it's better to get there before!

Do whatever you like!

After the ceremony, I always recommend doing something right where you got married! it could be bringing a quick dessert and feeding each other, could be cupcakes, donuts, a small cake. You could also have Champagne and do your first toast as a married couple in the location. (You can also shotgun beer ;) There are many ways to make this moment memorable and special for both of you while staying true to yourself and the reason why you decided to elope in the first place.

Some Ceremony Spots

Pink Cadillac

Pink Cadillac Ceremony in Tunnel of Love
-Religious or Civil Ceremony*
-Witness (if needed)
-Processing post ceremony documents


Gazebo Ceremony

* The minister's fee is not part of the prices. Minister's get paid by cash donations provided to them by the couples. Minister's envelopes have suggestions of $40-$60-$100 however it's at your discretion.


Drive Thru

The World Famous Drive Thru Tunnel of Love Ceremony


Capturing Memories

To book any of the packages mentioned, dates, best times to elope in this location & packages for a bigger crowd. Reach out!

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