You've decided to elope in Las Vegas, Nevada

You don't want the hassle of a big wedding, crazy planning or over spending on your guests. But you are still wondering how you could include your closest family members and friends into your special day. Here you will find ideas in activities you could do together for your day, restaurants and where to stay during your time in Las Vegas.

Find Your Ceremony Location

There are plenty of chapels and small wedding venues available for you to choose the perfect ceremony for your day. You can also look into parks such as Valley of Fire for your elopement if you're looking for something outdoors.

Do Photos with your family, getting ready photos & after ceremony so it feels like a full day of celebration!

find a Restaurant for your elopement dinner where you can all celebrate!

Fun activities to do with your family and friends

Other fun activities can be:

  • A bar crawl
  • Picnic in a pretty location
  • A Winery/ Brewery
  • Bus tours to explore the city

Where To Stay

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