As a wedding photographer who has photographed over 30+ weddings, there are a lot of things I have seen during these weddings that make a difference for your day. I spent days looking for the all-time best Amazon finds for your wedding day, some are a bit expensive but others are truly so affordable! It is perfect for anyone trying to cut costs on certain parts of your day, as well as adding on a couple of extra details you didn't know were out there!

Hope this helps!

Before anything... PLANNERS

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Food Related

Guestbook/ Alternatives

Take A Photo

Another awesome idea for your guests to not only have fun but for you to keep special memories! Letting them take a photo with the polaroid cameras and leaving them in a box or inside the guest book!

For Instant Cameras

Signs that are important

Including children on your wedding day

To keep the ones who are no longer with us present


A couple things I found useful for a wedding day! check out this blog for a DIY backyard wedding!

Hora Loca

"Crazy hour"

This is very common in Latin countries, it means, "crazy hour." It happens towards the end of the night, the lights get lower and the party gets crazier! This is the moment when people in your bridal party (or whoever) brings out all these fun glow-in-the-dark things to put on yourself and your guest, there's maybe live entertainment, people wearing costumes, or anything literally crazy. It is only for a couple of songs but usually, people keep the glow sticks and everything and keep partying with it!

Send Off / Formal Exit

Let's talk about a GRAND EXIT.

The send-off can be either for the ceremony and/or your formal exit when the party is about to finish. I don't recommend bubbles to any of my couples due to it taking soooo long to get out, and it's impossible to get everyone to do bubbles at the same time for a gorgeous photo, you'd just get people rubbing their eyes due to having soap on them. I also suggest if doing sparklers, or anything that involves fire, that you have one person be in charge of turning them on. This could be your wedding planner, your maid of honor, or simply someone in your family who would enjoy doing so. Also double-check with your venue, or be aware of your location when doing confetti.