A 50TH Birthday To Remember

Fabiola reached out to me because she was on a US trip with her family for their mom's 50th birthday. They went to a bunch of different States and explored as much as they could. When they came to Miami (the day of the actual birthday) They wanted to do a family session, to not only remember her 50th birthday but an amazing vacation with each other. How often do we really get to travel with our family members? especially when we're older! it was the sweetest proposal for me and I couldn't wait to shoot it!

It should represent you

Things to keep in mind when thinking about your photoshoot location:

  • If you've been to the State before, is there a special place you'd like to visit again? maybe a park you had a great memory in? an area by the city you love immensely.
  • If staying in an AIRBNB/Hotel/Resort, is it nice enough? We can always play around with the locations and the hotels would gladly let us! it makes for a fun, fancy-looking shoot.
  • Is there anywhere you guys have always wanted to visit? in this family's case, they really wanted to visit Vizcaya and have their photo session there. It couldn't have been more dreamy and memorable!!