All things bridesmaids,

I have found the prettiest dresses on amazon for your bridesmaids. Some of these you might think, "how could I put my bridesmaids with a glittery dress?" and in this case, these dresses I have listed are all preferences in what I thought as a wedding photographer with 30+ weddings under me would look amazing. You can mix and match depending on your wedding colors and style. Remember this is your wedding, there is no such thing as, "the right and traditional bridesmaid dress." it's your day (also your fiances but you know what I mean..) and your girls should wear whatever you think represents all of you better together, make sure you rock it!

The Favorites (Plenty of color choices)

Sleeveless/Spaghetti Strap

Off The Shoulder

Short Dresses

Different But Similar

For those of you wanting bridesmaids with completely different dresses, I would recommend having your bridesmaid wear one pattern and the rest follow along with neutral tones from your wedding colors. You can also have different patterned dresses altogether, (no stripes, they look weird in photos). But let's say, different types of flower patterns, different satin-colored dresses, and different looks overall.

Tropical (pattern for MOH & Same Neutral color to bridesmaids)

Velvet (fall/winter weddings)

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