So You Just Got Engaged!! ♥


the first thing we may ask ourselves is, "is it too early to start planning?" and ABSOLUTELY IT IS NOT! some people have been waiting to plan their wedding since they were teenagers, others since the moment they met their true love. There isn't a right or wrong time to start planning. So let's get to it! ♥

As a Wedding & Elopement Photographer

I have been able to experience and witness different styles and traditions of a wedding day. Every wedding is different, as it should represent you and fiance. It will also represent both families united for the day where you all become one big family. So of course every wedding will be different as well as budget and locations! there are MILLIONS of options you can choose when planning a wedding which is what makes this a bit overwhelming, but I am here to help you save some time! keep scrolling ;)


moodboard moodboard

I'd start with the simple option to make a moodboard. Find photos of what you MUST or would love to have on your wedding day. it's a way to find the theme you love. Do you want a rustic wedding? perhaps an elegant beach wedding? A moodboard will help you describe to others what your vision is. Collect photos of things you love for a wedding day, you can make them as detailed as a moodboard for florals, another one for table decor, ceremony ideas, etc. and see how the magic happens!

Now, think about what is the most important part of your wedding day, is it the photography? is it your dream venue? or an exact date that represents both of you?

This will help you both realize what you will be focus on first. If it is the venue, you can start searching for it! good thing is most venues have an open house at least once a month where you can meet and greet vendors and look around the venue and see if it fits your needs for your special day!

Pinterest will be your best friend

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Once the date is set, you should start thinking of doing an engagement session. this will help with making save the date cards and even for your wedding day! (super cute decoration!) If you don't want to spend too much money on save the date invitations, you can totally do it the digital way! you can create your own in the website/app CANVA or find someone who will create a gorgeous one for you! :)

Depeding on budget here are some questions to keep in mind:

Will you have Ceremony musicians? Violin, Piano, Singer?

Will you be driving to and from the venue on a vintage/bad ass car?

Will you want a mobile bar, photo booth or special vendor as well?

For the guest!

If you are planning to have family from out of state on your wedding day make sure you send them a couple hotels or Airbnbs where they could stay that is not too far from the venue!

also some things to remember that will help your guests:

Create a Gift Registry: (for example, Amazon list..hell yeah!)

Sometimes a HairStylist/MakeUp artist will give you a discount if more people get their make up & hair done with them! ( you could find a good deal for your bridesmaids & yourself!) 

For Bride & Groom Attire,

One thing I want you to remember and point out is that you do NOT NEED TO BUY YOUR OUTFIT. Maybe your dream dress is too expensive at the moment. Maybe he wants the perfect blue shade for his suit. But let me tell you! YOU CAN RENT IT!!! YES!

I understand sometimes we would love to keep our dresses but what if the dress you'd love to wear is 8k but you can rent it for $300? Yeah... I'd go for that. don't settle for less because you think there's no way you could find your dream dress. As for your Fiance, they can ALSO rent the WHOLE THING if he wants, even shoes. they send the suits and ties and everything to get it fitted, if it doesn't fit you can always return and they will send back the right one. They let you have it for long enough to try it and make sure everything fits. For the gown they also let you keep it for a while to make sure it fits perfectly. If you're someone who isn't thinking about giving your dress to your daughter or keeping it as a memory this is for you! Save some money! You will never wear it again. (unless you do a vow renewal and would like to use the same dress ;)

“Once in a while, right in the middle of an ordinary life, love gives us a fairy tale.”

Vendors Checklist:






Cake - Desserts - Catering


Wedding Planner

Make up & HairStylist


Wedding Favors

Rentals (chairs, tables, decor) *some venues will include all of this!


I know it's a lot but I promise the planning process will be part of your story as well! be strong enough to say no to things that you don't agree with. Enjoy the process, document it all! Your dream wedding will come to life. Give yourself enough time to plan and not be overwhelmed. give yourself a year or at least 5 months after your engagement and I promise it will all work out!