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I created this guide for photographers who are just starting out who are not so sure of their style yet, how to work with some of the settings on Lightroom, or simply how it all comes together. It is also a great option for any content creator, influencer, or if you enjoy taking photos and wish you could edit like a professional! Adobe Lightroom is a free App/Software that is available both for desktop and mobile (YES!) As a photographer this is what I use 98% of the time, the other 2% would be Photoshop. Lightroom is your go-to for learning the easy way how to edit to your fullest potential. This guide is the easiest way you'll remember what each section of Lightroom does. You could spend hours trying to find a Youtube video on how to edit a certain way but who has time for that? This is why I wanted to make it as simple and as packed with helpful details, tips, and information as possible just one click away!

What You’ll Learn From The Guide:

  • How to edit your photos in a unique way!
  • Ways to make your social media photos stand out!
  • Tips to keep in mind when shooting for better editing
  • The difference in types of editing styles
  • How to create a vintage look

The Cheat Sheet

A 19-Page PDF with tons of information to help you on a daily!
Perfect for photographers who need guidance in their editing.
Do you feel lost? don't know where to start?
I got you!

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